Asbestos Workers: Heroes of our Time

Terry Irving Business Generation recently published an insightful article in the Asbestos Hub magazine about the still ongoing dangers of asbestos and the impact on those who work with it. The article was cowritten with Dr. Yvonne Waterman, founder and President of of the European Asbestos Forum.

The article and magazine can be read online for free, published by Ben Chambers of Chambers Media:

European Asbestos Forum

The European Asbestos Forum strives to improve professional networks and the exchange of the
very best and newest knowledge on all matters related to asbestos. Across borders and sectors,
available to everyone. Sharing the best innovations, the newest scientific insights, the best practices.
Because sharing makes us stronger.

Mavis Nye Foundation

The Mavis Nye Foundation was created to inspire victims of mesothelioma, an asbestos related terminal Cancer. To give hope to fellow victims and show a light at the end of the tunnel. In sharing a brief story of her journey, she hopes to dispel some of the fear and myths.